Campus life in Burapha University, Bangsaen campus

Burapha University (BUU), Bangsaen campus is a thriving residential campus and community sitting on 256 acres of a coast line area next to one of the most popular beach in Thailand, “Bangsaen beach”. The campus is harmoniously merged with the lively tourist attraction and modern urban community offering a vast array of experiences that hardly found elsewhere. Moreover, the campus is surrounded by industrial estates offering plenty of jobs and internships opportunities. It is also located only 45 minutes away from Suvarnabhumi international airport, the gateway to Thailand and only 1 hour away from Bangkok, the sleepless capital city of Thailand.

Providing you with an excellent academic environment is always a BUU mission. Therefore, our campus is fully equipped with modern classrooms and labs, full-scale wireless network systems, high-tech library, advanced research facilities, and several learning resources for arts and sciences. However, studying at BUU is not just all about courses and classrooms; engaging in vibrant lifestyles of tourists and local people, having fun with a vast array of cultural events and sport activities, enjoying fresh and testy seafood with friends, feeling a touch of soft sea breeze and watching sunrise over the sea horizon are also parts of students’ life here. With such a cozy and academic environment, BUU becomes a unique place for you to live and learn. Here, you will perfect the skills of your field and develop talents, passions and lifelong bonds as part of our BUU community.


There are plenty of things to do at BUU beside academic activities. BUU offers a full range of college experiences that will help you expand your personal growth. Our thriving social atmosphere offers plenty of opportunities to get involved. Every day of the week, the campus is abuzz with activities centered on the arts and culture, sports, spiritual, social, community service or the more than 100 clubs and organizations that cater to a diverse range of interests. Therefore, from your first days on campus to graduation, your time at BUU will be filled with opportunities to grow, mature, discover a passion, develop leadership skills and forge enduring relationships. Your college experience will be one of the most engaging, inspiring and rewarding times of your life.


Learning Resources

A number of knowledge resources are provided for all students; for instance, Central Library offers a great deal of beneficial printed media with a modern search system, and provides comfortable reading areas, mini theater, and computer room. The Computer Center offers high-speed internet with a wireless system covering every square inch of the campus. Personal computers are provided in convenient areas. The IT system and electronic pedagogical media are also easily accessed. The center also provides IT training and testing for the students to equip themselves for the international labor market. Moreover, BUU is well-known for marine science, our Institute of Marine Science, established since 1985, offers unlimited knowledge about sea animals and sea environment. The institute also serves the community with the Marine Aquarium and the Marine Science Museum.

Sports and Recreation

To keep students in a good shapes both mind and body is always our mission. That is why, at BUU, we provide sports and recreation facilities such as gyms, stadium and swimming pool accessible for all students. The park and pools located right at the middle the campus serve as the main recreation area for students and staffs. Every evening the park is always crowded with people perform various types of activities such as jogging, walking a dog, feeding fish, playing music, or just chatting with friends. Sports and recreation are not limited only inside the campus, students can enjoy water sports and recreation at the nearby Bangsaen beach such as windsurfing, banana boating, jet skiing, or biking. Therefore, whether you are a fan in the stands, a player on the field, a student looking for a good workout or someone who just need a peace of mind, BUU has everything to satisfy you.


Arts and Culture

BUU is a place for growing of mind. With hundreds of year-round arts programs and other related activities for students and faculties, you can find yourself participating in any areas of your interests such as painting, acting, music, movie, etc. As a path of becoming “the wisdom of the east”, we have established several centers and institutes with the purposes of study arts and cultures of the east such as the eastern center of art and culture, the Chinese study center, the Confucius institute and the Korean study center. Through wide range of activities and exhibitions, these institutes and centers will enrich your life with arts, cultures and languages of your interest.


Shopping and Dining

At BUU, you will never find yourself starving. On and around campus, you will find quick-service eateries, cafeterias, familiar fast-food chains, all kind of restaurants, coffee shops, pastry shops and even street foods stalls. These provide all kind of food that fit every appetite, from simple sandwiches and fried chickens to testy Thai and international cuisines. In addition, seafood is a highlight of this area, hundreds of seafood restaurants are waiting for you to try.

Several modern shopping malls are located within 10 kilometers from the campus. These malls provide students convenient places to shop for fashion clothes, personal care products, grocery, electronic stuffs, etc. They also have movie theater, restaurant, karaoke, bowling alley, book store, bank, clinic, and more which are perfectly fit to an urban lifestyle. However, for those who are looking for inexpensive stuffs and street food, there are several flea markets and night bazaars around the campus almost every day of a week.