Special Lecture JULY, 2018

Special Lecture
Role and Importance of Space and Geo-Informatics Technology in Response to Global Situations

GNSS Demonstration
Precise Smartphone Positioning Indoor

By Prof. Dr. Ruizhi Chen
Wuhan University, People’s Republic Of China

July 18, 2018

Indoor positioning is one of the core technologies of artificial intelligence (AI) and will play a pivotal role in the upcoming era of AI. However, affected by the complexity of the indoor spaces, it is still challenging to develop a smartphone-based real-time positioning solution indoors with high accuracy, lost-cost and large coverage. This presentation introduces a solution of smartphone-based positioning solution indoors by integrating the measurements of built-in sensors and RF radios together with various high precision positioning techniques including camera re-sectioning, acoustic ranging, and Angle of Arrival from Bluetooth antenna array. The high precise positioning techniques are used to control the error propagation in large indoor space, while the built-in sensors including the accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and RF radios are used to fill the gaps among the hot spots covered by the high precise positioning techniques.