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Bangsaen Beach

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Bang Saen is a town that is famous throughout Thailand. It is the closest pleasant beach getaway spot from Bangkok as well as any provinces north of Chonburi. Most visitors typically come from provinces to the north and northeast of Chonburi. It is much closer, cheaper and is less hassle than Hua Hin’s beaches or Pattaya’s beaches.

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Pattaya (พัทยา) is a seaside resort on the Eastern Gulf Coast of Thailand, about 150 km southeast of Bangkok. Pattaya is mostly famous for its go-go and beer bars, but local authorities have made some efforts to provide more family-friendly attractions and activities. Although the sex industry is still going strong and sex tourism remains the key money earner for Pattaya, the resort also attracts local families and holidaymakers from around the world.

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Chonburi, in short “Mueang Chon”, has been a popular seaside town on the eastern coast for a long period of time. It is also an agricultural site of economic plants such as sugar cane, cassava, and rubber trees, as well as a location of the Eastern Seaboard Development Project and a significant number of industrial activity, second only to Bangkok in industrial output.

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Jomtien is immediately south of Pattaya and, practically speaking, they form one municipality. Jomtien, like Pattaya, is popular with tourists, but has a significant population of permanent expats and some workers, making for a more sedate bar and night life scene.

As with most Thai place and street names written using Latin characters, Jomtien is spelled in a number of ways with road signs usually reading Chom Tien or Chom Thian while shops and businesses use Jomtien.

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