Furthermore, the audience will found the answer of these questions such as How will our body react when being out in the space? For example, body with gravity, including experience the Gyroscope, a machine imitating the gravity resistance which is used in astronaut training. There’s also Space Station zone, which show life in space; living in International Space Station: ISS, and research in space. Not to mention how to carry out mission in space gloves. Above all, the highlight is at the 3D Theater. It tells a story of the space adventure through a couple of father and son. Building curiosity about space, seeing the foster from generation to generation, creating inspiration to attract people’s interest about space, and reinforce imagination and learning more about space. There’s also a simulated Mars room that the audience will be participated with an astronaut, aliens, and a Mars rover, which is a motor vehicle that propels to survey the surface of the planet Mars. Moreover, there’s also a presentation about applying these knowledge in various ways, i.e. natural benefit and environment about agriculture, city planning and protection, and increase understanding through city building games, agricultural advising games, etc. Space Inspirium is considered as the first and only learning center that will provide space inspiration to the children and the youth, and will give the audience the entire experience of exploring the world of space and Geographic Information by various interactive functions.