Tuition Fee

Academic Year
Study Year
Tuition Fee* (Dollar)
First Year M.Sc. 1-year program 10,000
Second Year M.Sc. 1-year program 6,000

* Subject to change according to the university annual announcement.

Please be notified of the penalty on late payment of the tuition fees.
In order to avoid a fine on late payment, students must make the payment before the semester starts according to the stipulated schedules of each semester.

What your tuition fees cover

Tuition  is charged based upon the number of credits in which a student is enrolled.
The following items are included in the tuition fees for all students:
1. Tuition
2. Registration fee
3. Access to a university’s library (or libraries)
4. Access to computer facilities

What your tuition fees won’t cover
The following items are excluded from the tuition fee for all students ,where applicable, chargeable in addition:

1. accommodation
2. Books and supplies
3. Course-specific equipment
4. All printing and photocopying charges after free print allowances have been used.
5. Fees for inter-lending library and document delivery (IDD charge) for all students
6. Field trips
7. Computer
8. Work experience and placements
9. Health Insurance