Extra-Curricular Activities Conducted by SCGI Master Program Students

Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (Public Organization) (GISTDA): As the state agency, is responsible for driving the application of space technology and geo-informatics for the development of the country, we recognize the importance of creating the imagination and skills needed for the younger generation. GISTDA supports the creation of Space innovation for the future development of the country and therefore once again organized the 2nd Thailand Aerospace Youth Forum on 14th September 2018 at Space Krenovation Park in Chonburi. This is one of the means to strengthen the ability of Thai people to be ready to use space technology for maximum benefit.

Thailand Aerospace Youth Forum (TAYF) is a platform for the youth of the country to share knowledge and ideas. This program includes presentations from the development and application of unmanned aerospace technology and geo-spatial technology to enhance the skills needed for learning in the 21st century, combining STEM learning with a variety of activities. The participants did not only gain experience in modern technology but also got guidance from experts in the field. The youth remained inspired by experimenting activities that involved technology development skills, these skills could then continue to innovate towards commercialism and help become quality personnel that will benefit the nation in the future.

The SCGI Master Program students helped facilitate the event by taking responsibilities of demonstrating activities with the students and conducting inspired talks on various topics. The activities that were conducted are STEM Drone Projects, Drone Coding and Drone Mapping Workshop, Space Maker Workshop, Aircraft Design Workshop, Aircraft traffic control workshop at SOAR Lab and GALAXI Lab Workshop.